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A Student Scholarship Fundraising Event

Visual Communications Division, OSUIT

March 12, 2014 - April 10, 2014
6:00 - 9:00pm

DIY Gallery, Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Art Center (AHHA)


Gary Myers

Gary Myers

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1967
Gary Myers Caney River Artworks
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Gary was making art all of his professional career, in one form or another. Watercolor was his media; it kept drawing him back as the medium of his choice. "It is spontaneous, intriguing, and always elusive".

Gary is a painter known for his Western art for many years, he has exhibited in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, The National Western Artists Association, Ranching Heritage Museum, Western Heritage Show, and The American Painters in Paris just to name a few. Gary was a recipient of a gold medal for watercolor from the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame among numerous awards for painting excellence. He worked in oil, drawings, lithos and sculpture as well.

Gary has worked as a freelance commercial artist in Little Rock Arkansas and for Tracy Locke in Dallas TX. For seven years Gary taught art, drawing, watercolor and design at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee and was the head of the Visual Communications Division. He moved to Bartlesville, OK, where he started Gary Myers Caney River Artworks where he pursued his artwork on a full time basis.

Gary Myers passed away June 23, 2013.

Cactus at Big Bend
Cactus at Big Bend - 11" x 14"
The Apple Barn
The Apple Barn - 11" x 14"
The Jockey
The Jockey - 11" x 14"
The Cowboy
The Cowboy - 11" x 14" - By Special Raffle
Gil Adams

Gil Adams

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: Spring 1971
Gil Adams, Oklahoma Society of Impressionists
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Gil Adams is a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas but has lived in Oklahoma since 1969. Gil first attended the University of Arkansas, but upon his return from military service he attended Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee. After graduation Gil worked at the University of Oklahoma publications office as a designer. Gil moved to Tulsa in the 1970’s and before starting his own illustration business in 1990 he worked as a television station art director, an artist for the U.S. Jaycees headquarters, and for Phillips, Knight, Walsh as a designer.

Since then, with the help of Suzanne Craig represents, Gil has sent images to every state in the union. Recently he began concentrating on fine art. Painting, whether it be acrylics, oils, or watercolors, is probably the thing he loves the most. He enjoys teaching art as well. Gil says he’s met and conducted business with some amazing talents through the years, and feels fortunate in that regard. His current memberships include The Oklahoma Society of Impressionists, The Artists of Northwest Arkansas and The Heart of America Artists. He teaches classes a couple of times each week in the Carriage House Gallery on at the Tulsa Garden Center.

Braden Park Ducks
Braden Park Ducks - 11" x 14"
Crow Creek at Philbrook
Crow Creek at Philbrook - 9" x 12"
Shelly Asche

Shelly Asche

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1987
Full Time Mom - Part Time Artist
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After graduating Shelly (Gass) Asche took a design position at Communicating Arts, where her clients included the Mayo Clinic, Digital Equipment Corp, WilTel, United Video, Willbros, and more. She was also a designer at Superstar Satellite Entertainment, and Williams Communications. Shelly continued to work in related positions for Digimar New Horizons, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, and Winnercomm.

At Winnercomm she had the opportunity to work with clients such as US Figure Skating, Ladies Professional Golf Association, National Thoroughbred Racing Association, Breeders' Cup Unlimited, TVG Network, Outdoor Channel, ESPN and USA Triathlon.

Currently she is a full time mom and part time artist. Art has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. As a child she would sit in the barn for hours drawing the thoroughbreds that her father trained. No scrap of paper was safe in her presence. Books, folders, tablets, sketch pads, and grocery bags would all end up with horses. Her grandmother always teased her that if you cut open her head horses would run out. At an early age her goal was to create an identifiable likeness. At exhibitions she is still very pleased when an owner, trainer, jockey, groom or fan walks up and says, "That’s my horse." She primarily uses pastel, graphite, and wax sculpture in a realistic style.

Impressive Wolf
Impressive Wolf - 18" x 24"
Bryan Cooper

Bryan Cooper

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1995
Associate Creative Director at AcrobatAnt
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Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology graduate Bryan Cooper is a designer by day, illustrator by night. Once the sun goes down, he combines photography, sculpture and design in his unique illustration style - reminiscent of film stills from early claymation cartoons. Bryan says he loves old photography, illustration, and sculpture so he combined them to create “Illustography”. His miniature sets and sculpted characters bring a sense of life and motion to his award-winning work, which ranges from dark-and-mysterious to colorful-and-zany.

At Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Brian studied photography, advanced illustration and 3d animation while pursuing his graphic design degree. This directly influenced the style of fine art he practices today. Bryan has worked as a project designer for Davies & Associates and MCI WorldCom. Today Bryan is an Associate Creative Director with AcrobatAnt. The company website boasts “Coop is the fine artist of the group” and further states that he is an inspired art director, illustrator and photographer. He even designed the AcrobatAnt logo.

His work has appeared in the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York City and can be seen in several books: Society of Illustrators 48, Logolounge 3, Workbook, and Directory of Illustration. He has illustrated for companies such as Phillips Petroleum, WorldCom, MCI and GE, as well as for such local events as Mayfest, MS150 Bike Tour and the ADDY Awards. When Bryan is not creating, you can find him at a flea market with his wife and daughter or watching an old movie with Steve, his hermit crab.

Leaving Home
Leaving Home - 11" x 14"
Magically Angry
Magically Angry - 9" x 12"
Michael Crutchfield

Michael Crutchfield

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1988
Creative Director/Design Director North America Saatchi & Saatchi X
facebook | dezillus design & illustration | linkedin

As with most artists, Michael began drawing at an early age and never really stopped. While in advanced classes of illustrating, jewelry-making, pottery, oil and acrylic painting before exiting grade school, Michael was heavily influenced by three things: Walt Disney, Looney Tunes and comic books. Michael has always enjoyed putting his own spin on things when it comes to illustration. So he has always enjoyed creating art that either fuels his passion for the subject matter, or at times can tell a “story”, like the “Batman and Robin” piece. The connection between Batman and Robin, although fictional, is one that many can relate to. They both share tragic pasts and subconsciously depend on each other to make it through trials and tribulations, as many successful friendships do. So he tries to capture the depth of the characters in a way that he has not seen before. And it always begins with a simple sketch.

Michael started working for the ABC-TV Affiliate, KHBS/KHOG-TV as an Art Director in Fort Smith, AR after graduating from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee in 1988. He later moved back to the Oklahoma area, working for agencies such as Striegle & Associates and Ackerman McQueen, working with Remington Park, Oklahoma Tourism and Pizza Hut. He later freelanced until joining Littlefield Marketing & Advertising in Tulsa, OK, in 1991, as a Senior Art Director, working on brands such as Ditch Witch, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, Laufen Tile, and Willtell. After working at Littlefield for seven years, Michael joined ThompsonMurray in 1998, a traditional/retail agency in Fayetteville, AR, as an Associate Creative Director/Senior Art Director, working primarily with Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Coca-Cola and Disney to assist in pioneering what’s now known as shopper marketing. Years later, after Saatchi & Saatchi bought ThompsonMurray and was renamed Saatchi & Saatchi X, Michael became the Design Director of North America, working across our locations in the United States and abroad. Additionally, he is currently the Creative Director over the Walmart business and illustrates in his free time. Whenever THAT is. :)

Today Michaels choice of medium is a graphite and digital combination using primary Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator when needed. He has a few different styles that he uses regularly, however the more simplified art pieces are usually the most challenging because every line that’s made has to carry a distinctive purpose in either form or function. Cartooning and its various forms has always been a huge passion of his, as well as graphite illustration in general.

Yojimbo Bugs
Yojimbo Bugs - 11" x 14"
The Crow
The Crow - 11" x 14"
Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin - 11" x 14"
Darren Dirksen

Darren Dirksen

Last Attended: 1988
Illustrator, Artist
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In the early 90's, Darren worked for Central Process & Sales in Tulsa, while working in freelance design and illustration. He was never satisfied creating with direction for others. In the mid 90's he worked through the nights developing a fine art technique. First, in pen and ink, then moved to oil painting. In the early part of the 2000's, his work was picked up by Joseph Gierek for the gallery, Gierek Fine Art located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Darren's work has always come from a need to retreat into his own world, where his experiences can be ordered. Darren's overall statement is "I exist, at this time, in this world and this is how I see". He likes the luminosity, workability and the history of oils. He taught myself and developed a style that is basically just an extension of his drawing, which he has done his entire life. Masonite and wood panels are his favorite support for oils. He likes the smooth and firm surface panels provide, it's so easy to produce many different shapes that will support the design compositions he creates.

Roadkill #1
Roadkill #1 - 24" Circle
Royce Fitzgerald

Royce Fitzgerald

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1984
Owner/Art Director/Designer/Illustrator - Four Leaf Creative, Inc.
four leaf creative | linkedin

As an artist, inspiration moves Royce to experiment and try different avenues of expression so it’s natural for him to create a variety of work. “Painting was one of the very first techniques I learned as a child” he says, “although I am no master, it is very familiar and enjoyable.”

After graduation Royce took a position as a Graphic Designer/Production Artist with Walsh Advertising in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He then moved to Littlefield Marketing & Advertising as an Art Director/Designer. Their clients and some projects included print promotion material for Hillcrest Medical, Coury Commercial Properties, Williams Telecommunications, Woodland Hills Shopping Mall, and lAC International Tile, just to name a few.

In 1996 Royce started Fitzgerald Grafix in Broken Arrow/Jenks Oklahoma. As the Owner, Art Director, Designer and Illustrator he worked with some great clients and projects that included print promotion material, advertising, apparel design and illustration. His clients included Williams Telecommunications, Hilti, Hearts of Fire Recording Studio, Rain Tree County, Tulsa Women News, Gilcrease Museum, Coors Brewery, Visa and various local high schools just to name a few. Royce also served as Adjunct Faculty for the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Visual Communications Division. Royce moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas in 2002 to work for The McIntosh Group as an Art Director, Designer and Illustrator. He worked with clients such as Rheem & RUUD Air Conditioning, Superior Bank, Hilti, as well as local and regional community events. Four Leaf Creative, Inc. in Fort Smith Arkansas is now Royce's focus. He is the Owner, Art Director, Designer and Illustrator. His projects include print promotion material, advertising, apparel design, branding, packaging, retail display design, web and digital design and illustration. He works for various local and national businesses ranging from the auto industry to interior climate control to music and entertainment to medical and legal and more. Notable projects have been done for the likes of Walmart, Sam's Club, Walgreens, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Gillette and Capital One.

Royce loves a variety of mediums like acrylics, water color, Conte', pastel, scratchboard, graphite, colored pencil and pen and ink. All these are preferred mediums of which he has no favorite. To Royce variety is the spice of life and especially his life as an artist.

Motorcycle Racer
Motorcycle Racer - 48" x 36"
Marble Abstract
Marble Abstract - 36" x 48"
John Hammer

John Hammer

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Associate in Applied Science - Technical Illustration
Graduated: 1985
Owner/Artist - Hammer Designs
facebook | the hammer studio | linkedin

John Hammer first realized he was an artist in the 3rd grade. Since then, he's never thought of being anything else (well, maybe a rock star – but that's it!).

Throughout John's primary school years, he most enjoyed the art of pencil and ink drawings. He won several art competitions and that inspired him to keep developing his skills. When it came time for college, he decided to pursue a degree in Commercial Art. At that time, hand skills were the primary tools used to produce projects for clients. Once computer technology took over the design field, he found himself developing those computer design skills and drawing less. But, he never lost the desire to pursue his fine art.

In May, 2012, the day arrived that John would launch into that pursuit. He picked up a paintbrush and took off on an exciting new direction in his career. In a variety of subject matter, his design background and love of color really stand out in his current work. This style has been described as “Pop Impressionism”.

As John follows his fine art vision, the goals are to keep his art diverse and his expressions varied. He says, “I'll always paint and pursue new mediums, but I won't forget my first love...the pencil”.

Pete's Pistol
Pete's Pistol - 24" x 48"
Ride'em Cowboy
Ride'em Cowboy - 48" x 48"
Kimberley Kehr

Kimberley Kehr

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1984
facebook | kemperhartman | linkedin

Through genetics Kimberley was certainly headed into Art. Her maternal Grandmother was an assistant Curator in the 1930's of Tulsa Art Association Gallery in the Orpheum Building Downtown Tulsa and an Art Teacher for OU Summer Programs. Her Father was a Graphic Designer for 35 years in Publications at Rockwell international. She found her father's old art table in the attic at the age of 9 and set up her first "art studio" in her walk-in-closet. and shortly after started her portraits. To date, she still loves rainy days as when she was a child. These were "inside" days and she could always be found doing some type of art project. Kimberly says she was honored from both sides of her family with her artistic gift.

While working for companies such as Promotions & Designs, AWT, and Kinkos in Tulsa her clients included Hilti, Zebco, Tulsa International Airport, Fabrico Inc, Case & Associates, Telex, 3M, QT, Scott Brand, and Lowrance. Kimberly started her own company and did work for the US Navy, Rockwell International and Balfour. She has provided account management and marketing for On Demand Technologies in Kansas City, MO with clients Relizon Corp, Walmart, Ferrell Gas, UtiliQorp, CBIZ and Xerox. When she lived in Grand Junction she worked for Colorado Printing Company and worked with clients Aspen Resorts, Jackson Hole Resorts, Colorado International Speedway, Van Gogh Vodka Products, Hall & Oates and Steamboat Springs. Currently she works in Account Management for NextPage in Kansas City Missouri. Her clients are Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Royall & Company, Hollywood Casino, Prairie Band Casino, Argosy Casino and Kansas City Art Institute.

Kimberley's portraits are her first love and she does have a strong appreciation and love of typography. Her work explores states of realism and contemporary art. She achieves this through specific and eclectic ordering of materials and techniques. Her work roams in the margins of her Muses, Mentors, Artists, Friends, Music, Photography, Architecture, Movement, and Interaction. She was formally trained in Graphic & Visual Design as a Graduate of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and then fell back into the Fine Art that she loves. She uses graphite, acrylics, colored pencil, marker, spray paint and chalk. Her works can be found in private collections in Tulsa, Houston, Kansas City, Miami, Boston, Brooklyn, Gig Harbor, and on Display at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, Washington.

Charles A Lindbergh Portrait
Charles A Lindbergh Portrait - 7" x 9"
Jim Morrison Portrait
Jim Morrison Portrait - 10" x 12"
Paul King

Paul King

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1974
Owner/Illustrator/Designer - pkArtz | linkedin

Paul, like many other artists, has been creating original work since childhood. One of his earliest art mentors was his Uncle Loyd Dyer whom he would watch as he sketched rodeo scenes, cowboys on bulls and broncos, rodeo arenas, etc. By observation, it sparked a long-lasting career as an artist. He set his career goal as a seventh grader, establishing a dual goal of becoming a graphic designer or a Major League baseball player. So you can see that he has always had a passion for creating original art. He was able to share that passion as a teacher. By conveying techniques and design principles to primarily high school students, he was fortunate to transfer his knowledge to students on an individual level, as teaching became his “calling” in life. Now that he is retired, he still enjoys mentoring to young people and creating original art as time allows. Paul formed his own company, pkArtz, LLC, in 2012; it provided a separate venue to promote his artwork.

Paul exhibited and presented artwork at the Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), Washington, DC, as part of the Choctaw delegation honored to showcase their culture during the Choctaw Cultural Days sponsored by the Smithsonian. Paul’s artwork titled “Skilled” was used for branding promotional pieces including t-shirts, posters, wall graphics, handouts in conjunction with the Choctaw Cultural Days, Smithsonian, NMAI. Paul’s “Choctaw Veteran” was purchased for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s for its permanent museum collection after it was shown in the Choctaw National Art Show. It was also featured in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) calendar and it was distributed as a take-away piece to visitors from all over the world at the Choctaw Cultural Days, Smithsonian; National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC. At the Choctaw National Art Show Paul was honored with the Choctaw Heritage Award (highest honor) in the Graphics Division for his “Buffalo Tribute.” At home in Tulsa Paul was honored to show his work three times at the Tulsa International Mayfest Invitational Gallery show. Some of Paul's awards include three first place and others at the Choctaw National Art Show in the Graphics Division. Paul says "life is not only good, it is great!"

Will - Framed: 21" x 27"
James Kirk

James Kirk

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 2008
Art Director at Ackerman McQueen
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After graduation from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology James accepted a design position with Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corporation. He then accepted an Art Directors position with Ackerman McQueen where he handles the accounts for the National Rifle Association and Oklahoma Gas & Electric. Other clients James has worked for are Cherokee Casino and Hard Rock Casino.

James tries not to limit himself to any one medium for too long. James likes to branch out to new mediums or return to ones that he has been away from for a while. He finds that exploring new mediums allows his creative abilities to expand by understanding their use and look to other new ways. He likes working digitally as it allows him to work very quickly and develop ideas that can be applied to other mediums.

Most of James' work is digital using Photoshop and Painter. He has developed various techniques over the years that can be used for different types of projects. By working digitally, he negates having to scan work for his clients approvals. It is a very powerful medium with endless possibilities and he has gone very far with his career because of it.

Solar Storm
Solar Storm - 11" x 17"
A New Day
A New Day - 11" x 17"
Colin McLain

Colin McLain

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: Spring 1989
Faculty Member University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

Colin began his employment after graduating from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology as a designer in 1989 for the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. He did this while pursuing a BFA in Stillwater, OK. In the Fall of 1992 he worked for Universal Limited Art Editions, a fine printing/publishing company that worked with artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. From 1993-1996 he worked for the Sierra Corporation and Baldor Electric Co. In 1999 (after completing coursework for an MFA from Arizona State) he was hired on at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (formerly Westark College) to set up and implement a graphic design program that initially offered an AAS degree. Since then the program has grown into a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design Degree. Over the years Colin has also done freelance work for the companies such as Baldor Electric Company, BOST, Consolidated Printing, Decorating Divas, Fort Smith Convention & Visitors Bureau, Habitat for Humanity, Marvin Altman Fitness Center, STARs Therapeutic Riding Center, Turner Advertising, Website Warehouse, and Western Arkansas Technical Center.

Colin is currently a full-time faculty member teaching graphic design, art, and foundation courses at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. When time permits Colin picks up occasional freelance work as well as works on various screen-prints, woodcuts, lithographs, intaglio, and mixed media pieces.

Jack in a Half Shell
Jack in a Half Shell - 6.5" x 8.5" Lithograph 7/15
Stroncone Street
Stroncone Street Intaglio 1/15
David Merrell

David Merrell

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1994
Pediatric Dentist
goodreads |

At the beginning of his career, David worked in mixed media (watercolor and pastel). David later switched to painting digitally, using Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and a Wacom tablet to create his illustrations.

David has illustrated for: American Airlines, Bama Pie, Dr. Pepper, Corona, General Mills, Ceaco, Acirca/Walnut Acres, BOYS LIFE Magazine, FAMILY FUN magazine, Portal Publications, Pepsi, ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, Andrews McMeel Universal, Prentice Hall, A Division of Pearson Education, Scholastic Books, Random House, Inc., Ziff-Davis, and Rising Moon/Northland Publishing.

Although David still illustrates for a number of well-known children's book publishers, he now only does so part-time. David now balances his art career with a full-time career as a pediatric dentist (a mix of science and art). When free time is available, he enjoys spending it with his wife and four children.

Lamb and Wolves
Lamb & Wolves - 6" x 9" Digital
Fox and Grapes
Fox & Grapes - 5" x 7" Digital
Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 1996

Growing up Brian’s mother was married to a boxer serving a life sentence. She and Brian moved a lot and Brian found it hard to make friends. But drawing was always there for Brian. “The more I drew, the easier it was to make friends. ‘Casually’ leave your notebook open so other students can see it on your desk. Boom! Instant friends.”

Right out of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Brian went to work at Willbros Engineering in Tulsa. After three years there as an illustrator and graphic designer Brian moved on to Communicating Arts, an advertising agency (now known as Comm-Arts), for another 3 years. From there Brian branched out to own his own agency/design firm The Better for Brian Foundation with long-time friend, Stephen Williams. They did work for Taylor Publishing, QuikTrip, Rib Crib, Nikon, Superior Wood Floors and too many local businesses to name. Brian is now a self-employed full time stock artist.

Brian describes the medium and style as Digital Media. “Specifically combining vector art with my own photography - typically some nasty texture I’ve shot in some back alley somewhere in the U.S.” Brian sums it up by saying "I wakes up, draw what I wants and make money doing it, to me, there's no better life an artist could ask for."

Ball Hoginator
Ball Hoginator - 16" x 16"
Math Monkey
Math Monkey - 16" x 16"
Rubber Band Girl
Rubber Band Girl - 16" x 16"
Shanna Teague

Shanna Teague

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: Fall 2001
Graphic Designer
etsy | tripod

Following graduation in Fall 2001 from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, I have been employed at Elmore Design, M.E.I. Labels, and The Image Group, all located in the Tulsa area. Currently, I am a graphic designer at MEI Labels, a printing company that specializes in flexography. Our clients range from small, local businesses, such as Smoklahoma BBQ, to larger companies such as Conagra and Walmart.

I have had an interest in art for my entire life. It has been interesting to see how my subject matter and tastes have changed over time. Growing up, I spent hours drawing teddy bears, fighter jets, and Converse sneakers (hey, it was the 80s). My art later became influenced by the human body and anatomy. Now, I like to explore the coexistence of technology and the natural world.

My mixed media pieces typically begin with a thinned-out oil paint wash applied to heavy paper. Afterwards, I continue with an ink drawing. This technique can be very time consuming and tedious, but I feel it helps balance my otherwise hectic, messy life.

Rats - 5" x 7"
Spokes 'N' Pokes
Spokes 'N' Pokes - 7" x 5"
Army Ants
Army Ants - 7" x 5"
Christ Westfall

Chris Westfall

Associate in Applied Science - Commercial Art
Graduated: 1974
Full Time Artist
blogspot | | linkedin

Christopher became interested in drawing and painting at an early age. He entered his first juried art festival as a teenager. After earning a degree in commercial art, Christopher worked in advertising doing graphic design and illustration for a multitude of clients. After several years of working for agencies and as a freelance illustrator Christopher took a extended hiatus from doing commercial artwork.

While following other creative endeavors Christopher still painted occasionally all the while developing his own style of putting paint on canvas. With the encouragement of his wife Cheryl, Christopher slowly began to show his work again and was soon invited to exhibit in a local fine art gallery. His paintings steadily became more popular with collectors. In the beginning of 2005 Christopher took the leap to become a full time fine art painter. His paintings can now be found in many private and corporate collections across the United States.

Dining On Route 66
Dining On Route 66 - 20" x 16"
Nathan Yoder

Nathan Yoder

Associate in Applied Science - Graphic Design
Graduated: 2011
Senior Artist
zerply | | | linkedin

Once Nathan left Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, he took a full time job as a Graphic Designer at Hampton Creative, a small advertising agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He spent about two years there while in the mean time working to expand his illustration and typography portfolio in the evenings. He started to get a bit burnt out by the monotony of agency work and he just wanted to create work that he was excited about. Ultimately Nathan didn't want to see himself turn into a designer looking at design at merely a "job". He wanted to keep the passion that he had when he was in school so he started doing work in the evenings that he was excited about and eventually people took notice. Today he is just working to keep that spark going and if he can inspire people to do the same along the way, then he will be happy.

In April of 2013, Nathan took a job at Sevenly in Costa Mesa, California as the senior artist. Since then he has been perusing illustration and typography and working with the occasional freelance client from time to time. Past clients have included, Rachael Ray Magazine, Element, Converse, and This Land Press.

Nathan tends to work with more traditional forms of illustration including pencil, pen and ink, brush and ink, and more recently he has been exploring watercolor and acrylics. His style could be described as Americana. He is not real sure what kind of a label he would put on it but loves the vibe that surrounds like blue collar America in the 50's. Nathan is really inspired by the work from that time period. He always starts with pencil on paper and from there he choose a medium that will best fit the personality of the piece that he is working towards.

Enjoy The Process
Enjoy The Process - 8" x 11"
Horse - 8" x 11"

The Venue

AHHA Logo Painted By John Hammer

101 E. ARCHER ST. TULSA, OK 74103

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa is the champion for area arts and culture. Diverse education programs advance its mission to inspire creativity, foster appreciation, promote lifelong learning, enhance the quality of individual lives, and contribute economic vitality to the greater community. The Council partners with arts organizations, individual artists, patrons, school districts, educators, community groups, businesses and government. The Council seeks to nurture innovation, artistic quality and professional development; broaden public and private support of the arts; and introduce the arts and humanities to new audiences.


Exhibition Date:

March 19 2014 – April 10, 2014

LOCATION: AHHA Second Floor Gallery Space
( Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa Hardesty Art Center )

101 E. Archer St., Tulsa, OK 74103
( Corner of Boston & Archer )

This inaugural collection of artwork, in a variety of media, was produced by Alumni of the OSUIT Visual Communications Division. These artists are or have been successful professionals in the visual communications industry producing art for a variety of business clients. Many graphic designers, who use their creative talent to communicate the client’s message by day, are compelled to express themselves through their personal artwork by night. The love of painting, drawing, or sculpting, for example, is what initially attracted them to careers in the creative realm. This debut exhibition represents their escape from budget restrictions, market testing, and client approvals.

The exhibition of the auction art was created strictly by a selected group of alumni of the OSUIT Visual Communications Division. The selected artists have provided 1 or 2 pieces to be placed on exhibition and to be auctioned in the silent auction.

Auction Event

April 10, 2014 • 6:00 – 9:00pm


This silent auction is intended to create a funding stream for scholarships for qualifying and deserving continuing students in the Visual Communications Division at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. We invite the public, OSUIT alumni and their families, current and perspective OSUIT students and their families, visual communication industry professionals, art lovers and buyers, supporters of the OSU system, supporters of art/technical education, people in the habit of charitable giving to join us.


Visual Communications

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Explore a rewarding career in an industry made just for you. Begin a career that allows you to put your unique brand of creative problem-solving to work, as well as being able to motivate customers and sell products and services. OSUIT’s Visual Communications Division can get you where you want to be. The ever-changing marketing landscape and globalization of today’s advertising media continues to spur job growth for skilled individuals in the visual communications industry. Whether it’s Graphic Design, Multimedia Technology or Photography, OSUIT challenges you to prepare for your future through experiencing the following:

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Software
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The Visual Communications Division provides hands-on teaching methods that infuses the latest industry input into the curriculum. Our programs build a solid foundation for students seeking lifelong careers that will fulfill their creative and financial dreams.

OSUIT’s Visual Communications graduates work for advertising agencies, graphic design studios, publishers, portrait studios, corporate communication offices, web design companies, and video production groups. Many have successful freelance careers or wind up owning their own company.

Students earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in seven accelerated sessions. We offer classes year round allowing most students to complete their programs in two years and one trimester. Graduates earn highly competitive starting salaries, with long term potential of even more depending on motivation and career opportunities.

Your future begins here!

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  • To strengthen collaboration and working partnerships with other educational service providers, employers and trade associations.
  • To ensure excellence in all areas of institutional performance.
  • To ensure institutional development which attracts and retains quality students and faculty.
  • To provide a supporting and challenging environment that enables and motivates individual members of a diverse student body to achieve their educational goals.
  • To heighten the students’ awareness of their individual responsibilities as employees.
  • To strengthen the students’ commitment to individual lifelong learning and career development.
  • To assure professional mastery and technological currency by all faculty and staff.
  • To demonstrate accountability to multiple customer groups.


We value excellence and integrity in people, technology, jobs and learning.

Institutional Core Objectives

Core objectives are essential, broad-based workplace skills that cut across occupational and academic titles. They are distinguished from program-specific requirements needed for specialization in professional-technical programs and/or academic-transfer plans. The assessment of student learning is held in high regard at OSU Institute of Technology and, in alignment with requirements of The Higher Learning Commission, faculty have developed five core objectives that are wholly integrated in the curriculum. These Core Objectives are:

  • Effectively communicate electronically, verbally, and in writing.
  • Demonstrate logical, systematic problem-solving techniques.
  • Develop and display a sense of personal, social and professional ethics.
  • Explain the cultural heritage and primary elements of the history and government of the U.S. people, especially as it impacts one’s industry or field of study.
  • Access and use technology appropriate to one’s industry or field of study.